The Italian Job Script

The Italia Job

John Bridger: Charlie, there are two kinds of thieves in this world: who steal enrich their lives, and those who steal, to determine their lives. Be not the last one. You will miss what's really important in life. Charlie Croker: what we talk about, John? You've been a good father. John Bridger: Awarding bonuses do no good parent. I spent my son's life in prison. It's not my age with nothing but, Charlie. Find someone who wants to spend the rest of your life and keep it forever. Steve: Pas talk man good or bad for me, because I do not like shit. I agree? If you have the cards, I have my papers. We have our game and got up. I agree? Now, if you want to start the game, that is fine with me. Really, what is your work? Come on, what? What do you think? Is not true try my guard? I have five of them, nothing is known. Lyle system to try this hack? You can change again tomorrow. What was your last chance? I mean. Are the Bridger girl come and try to open my safe? It's very poetic and everything else, but not seen. I don't think that I can close to him. Charlie Croker: same old Steve huh? Always defensive. That's why I'm still number two. [Quotes] Charlie Croker: [narrative voice] Bridger took the advice from John. I found someone I want to spend the rest of my life and you can keep it forever. Charlie Croker: You have no imagination. Free to decide what to do with this money, then you buy what others wanted. Steve: Test your imagination, however. Gold is p Lyle: [see the name Becky in uniform cable subsidiary, especially on the left chest] Becky, isn't it? Nice name. I wonder what prompts them from others. Handsome Rob: and this is a mystery, why not friend, Lyle. Charlie Croker: get a load of police from the station to our position in seven. This means that you have four minutes to do its magic. John Bridger: What? They said that ten and said that it was five years old. Would Charlie Croker: [a little panic] when? [John smiles and then laughs] Charlie Croker: [sigh of relief] do not make a fool around with me, OK? Pateare of the back. [Union Station calendar Dodge] Handsome Rob: bad blood circulation, traffic, is cut at the wrist. You know, because of the tobacco between the traffic lights today, five people were killed. Left ear: you know, the Metrorail, Rob, have to continue to use you. Handsome rob: Yes, it would be ideal for the transport of one tonne of gold now, genius, no? Charlie Croker: What is the estimated time? Handsome the italian job script Rob: twenty last time, that I have undertaken this journey, an average of 32 minutes and we could a maximum of fifty years, but if we all had green lights, in 14 minutes. Stella: [Insert fun] what? Not in a position, through the traffic. Charlie Croker: me? I was a thief who had milk teeth. [in flashback, Charlie has to do two rackets, so that they can steal another child what] Young Charlie: you know what to do. Bully: Now give it to me. [Represent you to have some fun with another child. Bully: Care, baths. Hey your problem, what is? [Charlie steals money from this guy and starts all over again.] Steve: the all gang here. Stella Bridger: you the only know what worse than a thief is a coward. Steve: You would see, begged your father for his life. [See the high-tech system star boxes] Charlie Croker: his father was Old School. And it was very moving. Stella: I'll do it not with strangers. I met five minutes ago. Steve: I think I have only you sabotage my cable, know, until we know us well. [Take men Mashkov, as panic Steve] Steve: have a look what duplicate Charlie is given, but not shoot! Mashkov: don't worry, I want to shoot. No, I take you to my place of work. I think it is very interested in some of the machines I use. Steve: I allowed you to eat, so the first invite customers to do? Stella: she asked the last out cable repair for dinner? Steve: No. But the last time was only three pounds and had a mustache. Charlie Croker: Steve, how can we? Steve: [in one of the rooms in his articulation] Pope realized the boat until 08 15, so that the garage is empty. MOM came with a girl until 08 30 for the kindergarten in the usual way. So for the next 45 minutes, the owner of this place, gentlemen, are. .