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The Italia Job

Now it is something else. Buy this movie (and always unhappy free 2003 remake with it), waited until last night before my memory refreshed. It is more than thirty years, the remake of a sheet and strip the slope of a mountain down. It is the film and not just because it's all in English. It is, with Michael Caine as Charlie Croker, cheeky thief, the amiable cockney projects about the theft of the century of most important gold is given after his release from prison. the italian job full movie youtube Assemble the best team of experts, the leader of the group in Italy exit impossible - flying lines $4 ' 000' 000 value of gold under the nose of the Italian mafia and the run through the streets of Turin and the Board of Directors of the border with the Switzerland. Only, it is not so easy. Caine shines as Croker, turning what could have been a dark figure in this almost comic gem. It has the best lines for the simple reason that nobody comes close. Also great Noel Coward appears in his role as Lord to sleepwalking. Bridger, imperialist mentor of the Croker, who is still behind bars. While the first half of the movie belongs to Caine, which lies in the fact that the mini steal the second half. From dusk until dawn, it is a film with a switch between defined as cars and almost not remind the public something about the first half. And even so long after the first start, the Mini Cooper are always disturbing to see. Far from the inventive and a part of the film, research what each is correctly remembered. It's a shame, because accumulation for robbery is pretty funny. This is not a crime pelicula No. Dour detective or rainy city of the scenes here. This film is bright, colorful and the joy of seeing, even if you forget the first half at the end. And when done, perhaps the greatest power of all time. In the literal sense. There are many, to admire the Italian job. It's a good adventure, crime, a family version of lock to engage stock and Jack, who has a lot to youth and adolescents. Back to a time where I felt good me to British - had won the World Cup, we had the Beatles and the rolling stones, day - a new way in the world. We had the energy of the flower and the summer of love. See this movie, it is impossible to feel the blood in his patriotic zeal for all British. Characters, the story, the car, the catchy band boring Sonora-Todo is geared to the celebration of England and poo - the rest of the world. And frankly, it was time! Forget the Austin Powers - very swinging sixties and only groovy, baby!. .